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With a commitment to craftsmanship and design, wonky/organic and more, traditional clay forms are layered in glazes (and sometimes glass) to create vibrant, unique colors and depth. 

All pieces are handmade with a dedication to the art and science of pottery. Using a multi-step process, each piece is thrown on the wheel, trimmed, bisque fired, glazed, fired again (at cone 6 or 10), and all are made to be enjoyed for generations. All functional pottery is designed for everyday use and is dishwasher and microwave/oven safe. 

Organic Forms


Pottery. Ceramics. Stoneware. Porcelain. 

Wonky Mugs. Earthy Mugs.  Steampunk Mugs. Shrek Mugs. Round Belly Mugs. Big Mugs. Little Mugs.  Soup Mugs. Coffee Mugs. Tankard Mugs. Espresso Mugs. 

Lotsa Mugs. 

Contemporary baking/serving dishes.

Bowls. Cups. Shot glasses. Planters. Ramekins. Candle holders (w/ handcrafted candles). Bud vases. Kitchen utensil crocks.

Available locally: 

Riders Pharmacy, Card and Gifts  

303 Merchant st. Fairmont, WV 26554

Mountain People’s Co-Op 

131 Pleasant st. Morgantown, WV 265O5

& at local TBA craft show and studio sale 

Also available on Etsy:  

LINK TO ETSY AND FB Under Construction

The Makers


 T. Anne Hawkins is trained as a psychologist and has spent years observing and making use of vital connections and aesthetics in the natural world, in relationships, and in art. She has been throwing clay since 2014 and has trained with gifted teachers at ZENCLAY studio.  Recently, she and her son have been learning to create stained glass pieces.  She is especially curious about the potential fusion of pottery and stained glass. 

Ben Hawkins is an engineering student at West Virginia University where he has learned to respect the process over the outcome, precision, and the “math“ and design skills that anchor his contemporary stained glass work.  His mom likes to think he learned the art of the process and his appreciation of vibrant colors and the textural movement inherent in the glass from her. He disagrees with that hypothesis. 

Glass Art

Contemporary Stained Glass

Stained glass pieces typically start with a sketch that is inspired by an idea, a random observation in the natural or urban world or sometimes simply by the need to make a hand-made gift for family and friends. 

Next, using hand tools, the glass is cut very precisely and ground to fit the design. The makers use century old craftsman techniques to finish their pieces. Smaller geometric contemporary and more abstract pieces are available. 

Inspired by the beaches in Puerto Rico.


Smaller window panels, ornaments, and sun catchers are available. 

PRIDE Glass Art


Stained glass art that celebrates identity, transition, and the full range of the human experience and our natural world is available for purchase. 

Where to Buy


Available Locally and Online

Pottery and stained glass pieces hand-made by a craftsman are available on Etsy and Facebook, locally and at random craft shows (see Instagram and Facebook for details). Shops interested in selling our pottery or stained glass should email using the form at the bottom of this page.

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